What kind of paint is used to painting exterior brick?

Dec 25th
Painting Exterior Brick
Painting Exterior Brick

In this article what kind of paint can be used to painting exterior brick explained? The different scenario that can occur that affect the way in which the brick must be painted is also present.
First answer this question. Does the brick will paint is on the outside of a building or structure, or is an inner wall or chimney? The reason for this question is to determine which paints exterior is needed. In any case, the brick should be examined because regardless of the paint to be used the surface must be properly prepared. If the brick is unpainted, all loose brick or chalk should be removed with a wire brush. Then primer quality base oil must be applied. Use the right product for the conditions (indoor or outdoor use). If the brick has been previously painted, evaluates the condition of the paint. If it shows signs of damage (chipping, flaking or peeling) brick simply must be free of dirt before it can be painted. If the painting exterior brick is peeling, use a wire brush to remove the flakes or chips and major areas uncovered (unpainted) with an oil base primer quality. Now the brick surface is ready for painting.
Types of paint (composition)
Once prepared, two main types of paint that can be used strictly from a standpoint of chemical composition no. That is, painting exterior brick water-based paints or oil is used. Briefly water paints are cleaned with soap and water usually has little odor, dries quickly and does not yellow over time. Oil paints are very durable and thick (need very few strokes) you will need paint thinner to clean brushes and takes much longer to dry, take on a yellowish tint over time and usually have a strong odor. From a perspective of quality, both types are similar as you use high quality paint. Most of the time, a water-based paint is the most popular option, as more states are doing to fulfill the strict environmental laws regarding oil paints.
Subtypes water based paint
There are three types of water-based paints that can be used to painting exterior brick once they are properly prepared. The first type, latex, should only be used for painting interior brick as they have the ability to bend and straighten as the following two types that can be used either inside or outside. These two types are acrylic and water. The acrylic is still widely used, since, as mentioned above, can be stretched along with the weather. The second type, water-based paint is a special technology designed to mimic the leveling (leaving few brush strokes) of oil paint. While it flexes as acrylic paint, provides superior leveling both a latex acrylic paint. The three types of paints dry quickly, but water-based paints dry very fast.

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