What is Recessed Lighting?

Sep 2nd
Square Recessed Lighting
Square Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can provide dramatic, low-profile lighting for each room in the house. These fixtures are built into the ceiling, so there are no dangling wires, switches, lampshades, or bulbs to interrupt the display. Different variants of recessed lighting can provide ambient, accent, task, and flood lighting depending on bulbs, housing and trim. The special housing for your recessed lighting will determine if you prefer fluorescent, halogen or incandescent bulbs.

Fluorescent lamps are very energy efficient. So that they benefit your budget and halogens can be purchased in low voltage variants. Traditional incandescent bulbs give a warm, familiar glow, and can easily be hooked on a dimmer so that their brightness varies. Reflectors inside the house are domes that bounce light down into the room where it is most needed. Diffusers are plates of glass or plastic that changes the light in one way or another. Recessed lighting can be filtered.

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So that it appears softer or so that outdoor use is protected from insects. Generally people install a variety of matches to fulfill all the different needs of separate areas of a room. Directionals are a specialized type of recessed lighting. These are like track lights by rotating them to adjust with different areas of your home. Rather than spreading their light over a single field, they can point to a print or painting hanging on the wall, or illuminate the first step on a staircase.

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