Vintage Bar Stools For Sale

Vintage Bar Stools Mid Century

Vintage bar stools are very strong and durable, while still unbelievably light. Usually used for ship hulls and on shower doors, fiberglass became popular for barstools in the 1950s for atoms, futuristic style materials. Whether you find a vintage fiberglass barstool or choose a new one, you will definitely complement your decor with a variety of funky colors and shades.

Most brand new fiberglass vintage bar stools look the same. With a spoon chair that climbs into the lower back and falls into a soft taper that joins the chrome base, this barstool is really hip and very distinctive. Most fiberglass barstools come with chrome footrest and rotary mechanism. A pneumatic lifter at the base allows you to adjust the height of your bench, which is perfect if your bar requires an extra high barstool. Fiberglass is easy to color, so although silver, red, and black are traditional colors, you have a variety of options. You can also find new places shaped like bottle caps made of fiberglass, but this is less common.

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One of the nice extra features of vintage bar stools is that it’s very easy to clean, which can help if you have kids or messy adults. Lightly diluted with water or even dissolved white vinegar will remove most of the spill or stain from the surface of your bar stool. Chrome on the pedestal and footrest may be more difficult to clean and may require a polisher.