Upholstered Rocking Chair Ideas

Vintage Upholstered Rocking Chair

Upholstered rocking chair – If you have a child’s rocking chair that begins to look tired after years of love and use, do not despair. You can cover rocking chairs so that it looks like new without losing any of its comfort. Includes rocking chair has other advantages as well. You can use the new cover to better match the room’s style and design, and cover any existing stains on the chair.


Lift the upholstered rocking chair so it is upside down and use a screwdriver to take the chair and remove the chair. Put all hardware in a safe place where it does not get lost. Remove any staples on the old fabric with a flat screwdriver. Hold the fabric so that you can use it as a pattern for the new material. If designing a new cover when no previous cover existed, measure the seat to see how much fabric you should use and add a few inches to allow damping and stapling.

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Pin the old fabric to the new fabric on an upholstered rocking chair and cut around the pattern to make new pieces for the seat and back. Remove the pins when you finish this step. If you do not have a pattern, use your measurements from the previous step. If you plan to replace it, do some old damping such as blemish or foam. Once again, use this foam as a pattern for new pieces. If you do not have old damping, measure the new foam so that it fits the chair, but is less than the cut fabric that surrounds it.