Thatched Roof Cottage Decor Ideas

Perfect Thatched Roof Cottage

Thatched roof cottage – We can see clear modern elements in the facade, apart from the roof. The masonry walls and the large glass windows provide depth and combine very well with that gigantic thatched roof that give a rustic and traditional touch that simply cannot be overlooked. In some contexts, straw may be seen as a new addition to modern style, however, it is an element that has been used for many, many years, but centuries, especially in Europe, and that have the advantage of being extremely economical and so durable. As a contemporary construction, besides being excellent thermal and acoustic insulators.

Thatched roof cottage have been present in the history of construction since time immemorial for the protection of homes from the weather and the European climates themselves, and despite the passage of centuries, straw remains a style that is used today in day, especially in the region of the Netherlands. When installed correctly these ceilings are completely waterproof, insulating and very durable.

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The only cuts we can see in the thatched roof cottage are the large glass strategically placed to allow natural light to enter the social spaces, on the right, and the most private ones on the left. On the facade, the openings to the exterior are narrower in the back than in front, and the combination of colors makes this house look like a real relic in the middle of a well-maintained grass field.