Steps Installing Light Switch Wiring

Aug 31st
Light Switch Wiring Rotary
Light Switch Wiring Rotary

Light Switch Wiring – Wire a new switch to control an existing outlet. A cable lamp connected to a double outlet with a switch will allow easier lighting of the room from the wall switch. This is an alternative to extending your arms while walking in a dark room trying to reach the chain switch. Study the diagram below, the photos and the procedure step by step before trying. Do not try it unless you have a complete understanding of this work.

Cut off the electricity from that circuit. Test the circuit with a tester or lamp before working to make sure that the electricity has been cut off. In this case, the phase must pass through the two light switch wiring before going to the lamp in question, with the particularity that both switches must be joined by a pair of wires, which is what allows opening or closing any of the two keys, the light goes from on to off or vice versa.

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The best way to understand this is with diagrams. In the first, we see how the current cannot reach the lamp because the second light switch wiring prevents it. However, if we activate the first, the current can already pass, even if we have not touched the second. You will notice that there are a couple of holes in each place. It is indifferent where we place the cables, and their purpose is to enable derivations and splices.

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