Solar Led Lights Ideas

Amazing Solar Led Lights

Solar led lights – Paper lights can give any evening event a romantic air. The soft, dim light helps create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere and encourages friendly interaction from your guests. Instead of strings ugly power cords everywhere try to light each lantern individually with cheap battery-powered lights. LEDs (LEDs) are available as flickering light-look lighting or still burning white or colored heat lights. They are cheap and light for several hours before the batteries are empty.


Determine where you want to place solar led lights. Indoor parties will require fewer paper lights but outdoor parties may need them placed closer to each other to provide adequate lighting. Place at least one lantern on each table. Insert a coin-shaped CR2032 battery into each LED party light. Take all LED lights and paper infrared heaters out to the patio or other party area. Turn on an LED party light for each tabletop paper lantern and place inside the lanterns.

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Place a lantern on the ground in any place where you want a hanging. Place solar led lights for your hanging lamps in the pockets of your apron. Wear the steps where you want to hang the first lantern and gently pull the accordion folded paper open Remove a solar led lights from the pocket, turn it on and place it in the lamp. Take the lamp up the ladder and hang it with hardware that came with lanterns. Repeat this process by moving the steps to each place where you put a piece of paper on the ground. Hang them till you have them all put up. Now step back and look at the area to see if you have enough light or need to move one of the lanterns to another place.