Small Cottage Floor Plans For Young Professionals

How To Decorate A Bedroom

Many young professionals that save their money so much in their bank account in order to build their dream cottage. Well, equipped with so much work from their office and only have a little time of holiday make these young people decide to do this kind of thing. Usually, they build their small cottage in beach and mountain areas, two favorite places for holiday time. Based from this fact, we want to share our tips about small cottage floor plans, for young professionals that maybe need some suggestions about their future cottage.

Well, usual cottages only have one floor structure. Because of that, many small cottage floor plans recommend to build two bedrooms, one bathroom, one kitchen, one dining room, and one living room. You can also build a veranda in the front or back side of your cottage.  For the exterior, you can use calm colors like grey or green, and for the interior, you can use whatever color you want for the wall, except the dark colors like black or brown.

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Another idea from our small cottage floor plans experts is about the furniture. We believe that a small cottage doesn’t need much furniture, just choose things that you really need. With this, we believe that you can enjoy your holiday maximally.