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Mar 11th
Shower Curtain Rod For Clawfoot Tub
Shower Curtain Rod For Clawfoot Tub

Shower Curtain Rod – It’s a shower curtain rod is designed to be mass produced to meet the needs of most of the home, and this is a concept that you can use by using a good concept, it is something that you can use the concept comes in a variety of standard shapes and sizes. You also need to pay attention Sometimes, though, the bathroom has a strange design, or you may have a bathtub with an odd dimension. In this case, it is possible to buy a shower curtain rod is custom made. It is also possible to make a shower curtain rod itself is beautiful and attractive.

You have to do some things to do this by Measure your bathtub. You need a piece of straight pipe diameters are slightly longer than the length of the tub and one slightly longer than the width to suit your needs, so that the curtain will fall outside of the tub, not too deep. It gives us each pipe is made ​​of material that will not rust, such as copper or brass.

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It also and should coat the inside of the elbow pipe with silicone glue to suit your needs. It is one that you can use to design a one end of each pipe elbow pipe directly to the form L. Form Fit each end of the pipe to the flange shaped bathroom. Shower Curtain Rod is not important for a glue wing, but you can attach them with more glue if desired.

You also need to measure and mark the distance from the ceiling that you want your curtains to hang in your bathroom. Make sure that the marks are the same distance from the ceiling on both walls so as not to fall apart and customize to your needs. If you are not sure how high the curtain rod you should do, keep your curtains against the walls around your tub, where they will hang using Shower Curtain Rod.

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