The Secrets of Red Light District

Sep 16th
What Is Red Light District
What is Red Light District

When people talk about the Red Light District, the morbid is always present. I often wonder how the customer experience should be. In most of the world, the search for prostitutes is done secretly, the client knows that he is doing something illegal, but not in Amsterdam. There you can haggle the price with the worker openly. If she is in sight of everyone, the client too.

In the imaginary of the neighborhood the sex worker does not hide, but exposes her body from a window, like any other merchandise in a shop window. The client walks around the red light district looking for a product that he likes. Prostitution has never stopped being present in Amsterdam. The laws against brothels were used by sex workers to concentrate on certain areas. When the sixties and seventies arrived, the

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Red Light District became a free zone for the sex industry. The uncontrolled growth of prostitution in this area of ​​the city caused many complaints from the residents and soon it was again considered a judicial “problem” of public order. In the windows of the Red District, always on the ground floor or on the first floor, sexual workers of all ages and nationalities meet. Some are there by their own choice and others because of the lack of alternatives.

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