Rustic Chandeliers Option Choice Style

Rustic Chandeliers Jar

Rustic Chandeliers – Do not underestimate the power of small things. A small kiss of good morning, little birds eating on the terrace things that many people do not value can make a difference. The protagonist of today is a piece of the pallet, faded by sun and rain. It just needs a little love on our part to become a beautiful and useful piece of decoration. I like his old look, we are practically not going to change it. We will use 44 cm of the scrap.

We need three pieces, so we will mark the piece at 30cm, 39cm and 44cm. With a square, we will achieve that the marks are perpendicular. We secure the piece to a table with a sergeant (or gag, cat …) so that the wood does not move, we cut and sand the rustic chandeliers edges. Do not forget to protect the table beforehand so that it is not marked by pressing the sergeant. We already have the three parts of the wall candelabrum.

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We present them in their place and mark where each piece is located, so we can make pilot holes for the screws. I leave a variant of these wall rustic chandeliers, in this case, we have dispensed with the lower support, and we have used the stencil technique to add a small detail. This chandelier can be supported on a shelf, or it can be hung on the wall by placing a socket on the back.