Rubber Stair Treads Ideas

May 23rd
Rubber Stair Treads Canadian Tire
Rubber Stair Treads Canadian Tire

Rubber stair treads – Not only are staircases necessary in modern building standards, they are a necessity for anyone who has trouble climbing the stairs. Most rails are made of wood or metal and attached to the inside of a staircase with brackets in the design of the home or the building. These only require some tools and materials and do not require a lot of technical skills to complete. All materials available on most home improvement and hardware stores.


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Measure the leading edge of the bottom rubber stair treads up to the top staircase with a tape measure. Subtract 6-inches from this measurement to give you the length of the guide bar for the wall. Use a circle saw to make the cut as straight as possible. Sand the edges with the course slip paper to round the edges and remove the sharp corners. Slide a stud sensor along the wall only down from the top step and mark the location of the tab on the wall with a pencil. Repeat this process that drives up the wall from the lowest step.

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Measure the lowest stud 30 inches from the top of the low step and make a pencil marker. Do the same for the top step along the selected stud. Rubber stair treads are the places for wall mount brackets. Place the brackets at the points on the wall and not the location of the mounting holes. Drill holes with a drill and 1/4 inch bit through the wall and into the rails. Put 2-inch wooden screws in the brackets and secure them in the pilot holes until they are tight against the wall. Make sure the angle of the bracket is up parallel to the stair angle.

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