Room Color Ideas With Zebra Accents

Simple Room Color Ideas

Room color ideas – Zebra is an animal print that works well with almost any color and is a print that can also come in other colors except black and white. Zebra accents in every room in your home can create a funky or elegant atmosphere. How to use zebra prints as an accent and the colors you choose to use with zebra prints can determine the look and feel of the room.

Neutral colors

Room color ideas with Neutral colors like white, black and gray can be used when decorating with zebra accents. For example, in a bedroom, choose a neutral color, such as gray, for your bedding and walls. Use black and gray or black and white zebra print processing windows and black and gray or black and white zebra print decorative pillows.

Primary colors

Red, yellow and blue are primary colors and can be used in a room color ideas with zebra accents. Choose one of these colors as the base color for your room. One way to use a primary color is to paint your walls yellow and to choose another shade of yellow for your window treatments. Decorate with a bed wearing a zebra print as your dialect. Cover your bed in white sheets and with a yellow arena that matches your walls or window treatments. Add additional accent by placing a zebra print area mat in the room.

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