Positive and Negative Shag Carpet

Mar 25th
White Shag Carpet
White Shag Carpet

Shag Carpet or shaggy carpet hair name is derived from their “messy” appearance, the fabric appears tangled. Used in the manufacture of thick carpet, shag carpeting has recently gained popularity for a loan feel very soft and gives each room a very comfortable touch.

Hallmark for shag carpet is spinning long fibers attached to the back of the carpet, giving an irregular pattern, which gives the appearance of a natural mess. It gives them “live in” sort of look to the interior. Available in a variety of fibers such as wool, acrylic or cotton and sold shag carpet in the long version, the short and very small. General maintenance and upkeep shag carpet, and avoid direct exposure and continuously to sunlight.

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Positive points

Feels soft and luxurious

Shag carpeting has a very soft feel to them and it feels heavenly to walk on them. Messy carpet fiber length provides a relaxed atmosphere and a call to the house.

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The growing popularity of her, easily available and regularly among the other varieties in stores Shag Carpet. They are also available online at Target, Pottery Barn, etc.


Shag carpet is the most suitable for use in areas where people often move and survive. Especially, wool shag carpet is durable and naturally stain resistant and insulating. Since it protects your floors, they are excellent for warmth during the winter and in the summer; cool haven provides respite from the heat.


Shag carpeting has a unique quality and serves as a focal point in the modern home. They are very comfortable and soft, and of course add Zing style decor.

Negative points

Require proper maintenance

Shag carpeting and high maintenance, such as dirt sticks easily with a long rotating pattern on the carpet. Dust regularly can be a necessity. The key is to remove stains and spots on the spot, in order to preserve and protect the carpet in the long run.

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Often shedding

The shag carpet is made from long fibers; they tend to throw a lot at the beginning, such as hair or feathers loose. With the passage of time, reduce shedding after repeated use. That’s all about Positive and Negative Shag Carpet.

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