Portable Showers DIY Travel Trailers

May 9th
Portable Showers
Portable Showers

Portable Showers – The trailers make a camping trip a little less hard, but its compact size often leaves little space for facilities such as showers. A couple of days enjoying nature can make anyone dirty and stinky, so find a way to wash your body during the outdoor life is a necessity. The portable showers DIY are cheap and easy to build with the branch of a nearby tree to your motor home.
Place rings curtain shower curtains so they are ready to hang.
Connect three sections of PVC pipe with elbows to form a “U”. Slide preparations shower curtains in one arm and close the square with the remaining section of PVC pipe.
Run the shower curtain around your square of PVC. Insert seals through the first ring of a shower curtain ring to last the curtain, and then repeat with the other side. This will ensure that your portable showers will not open with the wind.
Tie a cord 3 feet (90 cm) on each corner of your shower and tying them to join them in the center ring metal. Make sure the knots are tight enough for it not to slip when the portable showers hangs. Connect one end of the cable 6 feet (1.8 m) long with ring of metal, leaving the other end free to throw it over a tree branch. Slide the free end through the ring of metal and make a knot to secure your laptop to the shower arm.
5. Use the power of 2 feet (60 cm) to hang the bag water sun by the handle and place it in the ring metal with a carabineer. Connect the surgical tubing to the bag water with a clamp and connect the other end to the nozzle. Cap the tube just above the nozzle with another alligator clip to control the flow of water.

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