Philips Hue Light Strip Modern Decoration

Philips Hue Light Strip Themes

Philips Hue Light Strip – Customizing the light in our homes or businesses is something that goes hand in hand with home automation and that every time users are more interested in it. From a home automation control center through an RGB module and with the appropriate light sources, we can select the color tone we want for each room at a given moment, simulate effects, facilitate the viewing of images or television.

Philips introduced a new product to cover the needs that cannot be covered with the philips hue light strip, either because they cannot be installed as light bulbs in certain parts of the house or because the aesthetic we want to care for does not allow the installation of these bulbs. This is how the Philips Friends of Hue light strips colored LED strip was born. Using a small controller, we can connect these lights to our mobile devices through exclusive applications and select from among the sixteen million color tones available.

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We can also set a timer that will make the Philips Friends of Hue light strips little by little turn off as we have configured it, or turn off at a certain time. All this we will do through the official application for our mobile devices. We will create our own lighting settings depending on the tones we want for our rooms. The Philips Friends of philips hue light strip can be cut by the marks they have.