Over The Sink Lighting: The Height Of A Pendant Light Over A Sink

Best Over The Sink Lighting

Hanging accessories hang like jewelry, adding visual interest and shine to your space. To qualify as a ceiling light, the fixture must pass more than 6 inches from the ceiling. Ensure an over the sink lighting so you do not have to fight tired eyes while fighting the dishes. You can avoid disturbing scratches in the sink using light sources with a wide spread angle.

Most homeowners center the pendant over the sink lighting, which works in most circumstances. Installing the fitting approximately 12 inches from the bottom wall will ensure fewer collisions. If your sink is on an island, do not bang your head if the pendants are placed 18 inches from the edge of the countertop. For the consideration, hang the device too low, and you will feel the heat emanating from the light bulbs.

Hang the pendant over the sink lighting too high, and you will have less direct light. If you and your family members differ significantly in height, try an adjustable height pendant that pulls up and down. Use energy regulators to save energy and mitigate heat emission from light bulbs. If you select a mini-pendant, it will search lonely. Use a group of three instead. The end.

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