New Beautiful Cottage Designs

Cottage Designs Decor

The exterior color of cottage designs houses is made of neutral pigments that had been extracted from vegetables and minerals. These exterior finishes fade over time, giving them a relaxed, sun-bleached look. Recently, cabins have been covered in every shade from shades of white to light pastels. When a cottage house has a balcony as an architectural detail, you have an even greater opportunity to emphasize the relaxed-living style through your color choice.

There are three primary colors: red, blue and yellow. They are the shades as all other colors are created. Each of these will make a huge decorative statement on its own, but can also act as a strong accent. Blend white with any of these primary colors will create a soft pastel. Red turns to pink, blue to the child blue and yellow to pale yellow. These shades of pastels often cover the exterior of the cottage designs, giving them the laid back look of Florida Keys.

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Shake it a little by painting the balcony in the primary color that was beaten for the rest of the exterior. For example, a light pink cottage designs with a clean red balcony will have a bold design effect. There are three secondary colors: green, orange and purple. These shades were created by combining two different primary colors. Blue and yellow produce green, red and yellow orange and blue and red cabinets purple. Using a secondary shade as the main cabin color and a primary color to accent the balcony and trim will create a harmonious look.