Mobile Homes Floor Plans

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A mobile home is a structure that is built in a factory on a chassis that is permanently attached to it and then transported to the place of the customer’s home, usually being towed or transported on a trailer. It can be used as a permanent residence, holiday homes, or temporary homes. Mobile homes are usually stays at one place, but it can be moved from time to time. The origin of mobile homes is the same as travel trailers, being used as vacation or holiday homes. The mobile home isconstructed withstrong steel frames, wheels, axles, and hitches. But the exterior design can be fitted with cosmetic items like door, window, and other designs.

The mobile homes floor plans usually include two bedrooms, one bathroom, and one kitchen. These floor plans can be modified to suits your liking. Mobile homes comewith two sizes single wide and double wide. Single wide is 5.5 m wide and 27 m long. A double wide usually 6.1 wide and 27 m long also. 

The popularity of mobile homes is increasing because of this simplicity and less cost value, and also the capability of changing location of the house. So if you want to get a new mobile home, it is better to check the options of floor plans.

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