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Ge Lighting Ceiling

In 1879 Thomas Edison, the founder of GE, invented the first incandescent light bulb. A century Later, Nickolas Holonyak developed the first LED bulb in one of the laboratories of General Electric. Since then, ge lighting has opted to offer LED solutions more efficient, with lower maintenance costs and with a lower environmental impact. The LED lighting systems from GE Lighting are designed to adapt to the needs of lighting your clients in any type of application.

Ge lighting proposes its new products of outdoor lighting with LED technology latest generation that optimize efficiency, reduce costs and improve conditions luminance of the cities. The Iberia LED luminaire is designed to provide lighting of great energy efficiency in the city, with a maximum consumption of 90W and up to 60% of reduction in energy consumption.

The new Okapi allows the substitution of luminaries called “ball lanterns” that scatter ge lighting in all directions without modify existing columns with more than 50% energy savings. This luminaries complies with the requirements of the new regulations that regulates light efficiency and pollution. Its performance is 75% and the flow emission towards the upper hemisphere is zero. Among the new generation products, the new Area Lighter LED is presented at Lumiville.

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