Instructions Jacuzzi bathtubs

May 4th
Jacuzzi Bathtubs
Jacuzzi Bathtubs

There are few items in your home that can provide greater muscle relaxation and be as soothing as hot Jacuzzi bathtubs. These tubs with jets are wonderful for a romantic evening with your partner or take a little “time”, something we all need from time to time. The use of a whirlpool bath tub is not difficult; however, there are some things to consider when preparing a Jacuzzi bath.

Filling the tub

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When filling your hot Jacuzzi bathtubs, do not use water very hot. The jets moving can make water seem warmer than it is when it is quiet, so if you normally takes baths steam hot, starts with a little fresh water and remember you can always add more water hot if you need it. Plug the drain and let the water run until it is in the jets. Do not turn on the jets until the water covers them completely.

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Taking a bath in your Jacuzzi

After the tub is filled and the jets are on, get in the water and position your sore muscles ahead of jets surrounding the tub. The Jacuzzi bathtubs allow you to adjust the strength of the jets, so choose the level you want. If you like aromatherapy you can add a small amount of essential oil like lavender or rose oil in the water, or use scented candles around the tub to enhance your relaxing bath. Many people enjoy a glass of wine while they are in the Jacuzzi, or take the opportunity to read a good book. Make sure you have a big fluffy towel near the exit.


Before using the Jacuzzi, make sure you have no medical condition that could cause problems. Many manufacturers of whirlpool advise that children and the elderly do not use hot tubs. Do not add bubbles unless you want to mop the bathroom for days. Always be very careful when entering and exiting the tub. Your muscles weaken and relax while soaking in the tub and you may experience dizziness when you stand up. Also, if you drink any alcohol while you were in Jacuzzi bathtubs, you can experience the effects more strongly to leave the bathroom.

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