Instructions for shower organizer

May 10th
Shower Organizer
Shower Organizer

Shower organizers are devices which will keep showers clean and free of clutter caused by everyday items for example bottles of shampoo, soap, shower gel and shaving cream. Putting a shower organizer keeps your entire shower any toiletries perfectly in place and ready to use each time you take a shower. Although these devices come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, they all have one thing in common: easy installation.


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Hanging Organizer

  1. Placed on the shower organizer head through opening larger toward the bottom where hygiene articles are stored.
  2. Put the organizer in place, and pull down until secure.
  3. Test stability. Try to move the host side to side. If not yield, it is properly installed. Place the elements of health and is ready for use.

Tension cable organizer

  1. Assemble the cable. The cable tension will come bundled with a long stick, which resembles a shower curtain pole with springs that are inserted into the interior of the rod to create tension. This type of shower organizer is ideal for installations corner, and is designed to go from the top of the tub to the ceiling of the shower.
  2. Fixed shelves. Once the rod is mounted, the shelves or slide fit on the road. Shelves can be mounted in place using clamps or suction cups that come with the installation kit organizer.
  3. Place your shower organizer caddy in the corner. Hold one end of the cable tension at the top of the tub, pull the other end down and slide the top towards the corner of the tub until it reaches the ceiling. Release the cable gently until pressed against the ceiling. Turn the cable until there is sufficient tension on the springs to keep it in place.
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4. Gently pull on the wire to check the fit. If it does not move easily, it has been installed correctly and is ready for use.

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