Installing Ceiling Fans With Lights

Excellent Ceiling Fans With Lights

Ceiling fans with lights can help lower your electricity bills for cooling in summer, move hot air around your house in winter, and make a room. It’s easiest to replace an existing lamp with your new fan and light combination because you do not need to drive any new electrical wires for it. Installation will be simplified if you have the ceiling access above where you need to install your new fan but that access is not necessary. Turn off switch that supplies power to the lamp you replace. Check the connections on the tripod with a voltmeter to make sure the power is off. Replace the existing lamp with a screwdriver and remove it. For extra security, install wire nuts on the bare wires until you are ready to attach the new fan wires.

Install support console and electric box for the new fan and light combination, with a screwdriver and the supplied screws. The support bracket may require an adjustable wrench to tighten the bracket between the studs. Ceiling fans with lights have big motors, electric boxes that are used for ceiling fixtures are not strong enough to support a ceiling fan. You may need to cut some extra plasterboard from the ceiling to allow for heavier-duty support fittings and electric fields. Trace the outline of the new electric box with a pencil and cut the new opening with a drywall or keyhole.

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Fit the new spring brackets to the ceiling bolt with the manufacturer’s directions and mount the new electric field. Pull the power cords into electrical and secure them into place with a lock nut. Mount all the decorative plate that came with your ceiling fans with lights, routing the electrical wires through the opening of the plate.