Installing 24 Bathroom Vanity

Dec 26th
Luxurious 24 Bathroom Vanity
Luxurious 24 Bathroom Vanity

24 bathroom vanity – Most homeowners spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom. Bathrooms can be lighter than other areas of your home. Not only is there vanity light, but there may also be a fair amount of natural sunlight coming. This makes your bathroom the perfect place to install a vanity mirror that can be used as you get ready to start your day. Measure 5 feet up from the floor and center your vanity mirror over the sink. This is the typical placement of a vanity mirror, but use your own judgment. Just make sure the mirror is easily accessible.

Use a magnetic finder to find studs in the wall. Due to the weight of the 24 bathroom vanity mirror, hang it on the studs. In most cases, the home builder has assumed you will hang a vanity mirror over the sink and the buds should be in place, magnetic finder will find nails or screws used to attach drywall or plaster strap to studs.

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We wiring on the back of your mirror. Cut and wire included in your standard mirror accessory kit, along with anchors. A clip must be placed on each side of the mirror and the wire is drawn between them. This is how the mirror will be hung. Set where to hang anchors. Pull the cord tight and measure the distance between it and the top of the mirror. Determine where the top of your 24 bathroom vanity mirrors to be. You should measure down from this point 5 inches you measured on the mirror. This is where anchors will be hung.

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