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Apr 28th
First Choice Bedrooms Ferndown
First Choice Bedrooms Ferndown

Loa ancient bedroom furniture maple was mainly manufactured in the United States during the colonial seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Maple was abundant then and settlers saw the advantages of working with him. Maple is strong, tear resistant, and smooth and polishes when it has a decorative seam. The bedrooms first furniture maple had simple lines and the charm of stylish furniture setting. The antiques and reproductions add a vintage touch to the modern interiors.

  1. History

Early settlers used to make his first oak bedroom furniture but soon changed to the more advantageous maple. Until 1725, when it was introduced mahogany, maple was the main wood used to make furniture. Along with walnut and mahogany, it continued to be used in carpentry, and by the early nineteenth century, was the most popular wood among furniture manufacturers in the country. The types of bedrooms first furniture made ​​four poster beds, chests, desks and closets were.

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  1. Flamed Maple
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There are several types of maples used for bedroom furniture. One of the best known is the flamed maple or tiger. The veins are prominent, with a wavy design and because of this; it is considered a timber “with figures”. When wood is sawn across the grain, one striped look like flames. The intensity, consistency and size of these wavy strips determine the quality of the piece. It is important to keep the grain finish.

  1. Birdseye maple

The partridge eye maple is the most rare and expensive maple used in bedrooms first furniture. It is considered a luxury in the world of wood. The name comes from the design on the wood, which looks like a small partridge eye. Eventually, the outside of the timber has a pink color, while the inner section in cream or white. Wood Birdseye each piece of furniture is unique, which makes it very desirable.

  1. Antiques
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The bedrooms first furniture antique maple should shop carefully. This wood furniture manufactured before 1860 were not machine-made. Verify the authenticity should include an inspection of the socket joints, small triangular units that join the sections. If they are made by hand, the joints are somewhat uneven. The furniture should be finished shellac; lacquer paint and varnish were used after the mid-nineteenth century. Sections with great details like studs and bolts of the beds should also be a little uneven. Only machine-made furniture is perfect.

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