Impressive Car With Laser Lights

BMW Car Laser Lights

Thanks to emission of a laser beam, it is possible to have lighter, smaller and more efficient equipment inside a headlight. Big question is, how can a laser lights beam provide lighting for a car? Simple, with a complex system of mirrors and prisms, impressive results are achieved, so much so that it is possible to adapt system automatically to road conditions. So far only German brands have been behind all this imagination, which has gone as far as projection of geometric shapes on road and use of energy that is not used to recharge battery systems in hybrid cars, all thanks to lightning To be.

We might think that LED will begin its withdrawal, but not, on contrary, it does constitute an important form of laser lights support. As LED is manageable electronically and not mechanically, they can be used individually, to highlight objects on road, pedestrians and traffic signals, all through sensors or cameras integrated into recognition systems.

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Technology also covers taillights, in which luminosity has been adapted according to distance with which it follows them and with level of visibility available. Laser lights is also projected as an alternative for rear fog lights, used as a beam of more concentrated light and projected towards floor with a certain shape, being able to alert our presence to other drivers without need to dazzle them.