Ideas To Decorate Cottage Interiors

Country Cottage Interiors

Do you want to decorate cottage interiors?  The project of the small cabin is inspired by the tradition of small, compact and stony houses, almost without windows that are developed and maintained today. Then discover how to create comfortable and spacious environments in such a small area. It was proposed the construction of a small and compact house with blocks of rustic stone corresponding to the needs of a young family but with contemporary technological requirements, a duality that was satisfactorily resolved.

The house cottage interiors is conceived as a monolithic volume, with two sections of wood inserted and connected to each other. Although externally it looks rustic when entering the house it is surprising to see the change, in the photo above we can see the convenient use of the wood applied to the stairs area, the concrete exposed in ceilings and polished in the floors, complemented with a extraordinary view towards the field.

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The cottage interiors ground floor works mainly as public or semi-public space, with wide views of landscapes, while the upper floor remains very private, only with views of the sky. Since the area is very small, it is used up to the minimum available space, which is why a modern staircase design is proposed, which in turn functions as furniture.