Ideas For Decorate Light Switch Covers

Good Light Switch Covers

Light switch covers – Lighting covers are, in most cases, plain, white and boring. Whether you’re new painting a room or just looking for some fun to do, you can decorate your lighting contact cover. Using paint, clear enamels and stickers, pre-made designs or wallpaper, you can create light contact covers that stand out and complement your room

Remove the light switch cover from the wall. Light switch covers in most cases is held to the wall with two small flat screws. One screw is located above the light switch and the other is below it. Once removed, place the screws in a safe place where you will not lose them. Paint light switch cover. Depending on the style you create, you can use spray paint or standard paint. You can paint change a color or use more colors. You might want to insert the toothpicks into the screw holes to prevent them from filling with paint, which would make it more difficult to reinstall the light switch cover later. Allow paint on the light switch cover to dry.

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Add stickers to light switch cover after paint is dry. Apply clear enamel spray. Apply a thin layer of spray to light contact cover, but be sure to cover the entire surface. The enamel will keep paint and stickers on the light switch cover without changing the color of your design. Allow enamel to dry. When it is completely dry, install the light switch covers.