Ideas For Cottage Bedroom Furniture

Elegant Cottage Bedroom Furniture

Cottage bedroom furniture decoration is about mixing and matching patterns and furniture styles. Floral design, especially those featuring roses, is a daily sight in the cottage decor and is especially home in a true cottage. Feel free to mix rose patterns in textiles, wall coverings, art and window treatments or let one or two rose accents pop against a neutral color scheme. Whatever your design tastes, roses will always be fashionable in a cabin bedroom retreat.

Cottage bedroom furniture, hang the wallpaper in a rose print. For a true English cottage feel, find a pattern that looks faded. Choose a pattern with big cabbage roses or featuring smaller flowers dotted on a pale green background. Install pearl board, narrow wood panels, halfway up the wall. Paint it white and paper over it. Or top it with a chair rail, paint the walls pale green or pink and stencil a rose design around the top of the wall close to the ceiling casting.

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Cottage bedroom furniture, paint three walls pink and hang colorful wallpaper sporty a floral design with roses on the fourth wall. Layer floor-long damask curtains in a soft pastel color over blonde curtains with a rose pattern. Top window with a gobelin thief in a rose print. Top white shutters with float linen Swag featuring a floral print that incorporates roses. Display botanical prints in a grouping over the bed.