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May 18th
Bathroom Etageres With Drawers
Bathroom Etageres With Drawers

Small bathrooms tend to look and feel claustrophobic. When space with a spouse or friend is shared, you’ll constantly bump into each other and hard to move around the bathroom. A bathroom etagere 5 x 8 feet (1.52 x 2.44 m) is fairly standard, but the space is too small for most people. The ideas for this type of bath are designed to open the space and make it feel larger.

Choose the right colors

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Color plays a major role in the general form of the appearance of the bathroom etagere on bath. Dark colors are oppressive and heavy, which makes the room look smaller. Dark colors, including brown, shades black, dark blue, dark green, make the room decay. Opt for lighter colors such as cream, pale yellow or light beige. Lighter colors create a more open space. If you prefer brighter or darker colors, add these in small doses. For example, mixing different shades of blue tiles with colored tiles in white or cream. Painting the ceiling a light blue and use cream or white walls, draws the eye up and immediately makes the room seem much larger than it is.

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Get the most storage

Storage is at a premium in a small bathroom, partly because they do not have enough room. In a bathroom usually have room for a bath or shower, toilet and sink, with no room for other things. A simple way to add storage is through the use of a rack or cabinet, designed to fit about the toilet and known as a bathroom etagere. This platform makes use of wasted space without taking up any additional space. Use a sink that is inside a closet also gives you more space in the bathroom. Under Cabinet no room for towels, cosmetics and personal care products. You can even add a cabinet on the wall, to store even more.

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