Ideas Decorating Cottage Sofa

Cottage Sofa Decor

Cottage sofa will add a crisp, sophisticated look to your living room. Navy blue, very like black, complements a variety of neutral shades, such as white, taupe and cream. You can also mix navy with lighter colors, like yellow, red and coral, depending on the look you go for and the living room decor theme. A navy blue sofa is also versatile because it blends well with both dark and light wood furniture. Consider the overall theme in the living room when decorating a navy blue sofa. Improve a relaxed, nautically-inspired room with crisp, red and white hand. Decorate a sophisticated room with neutral shades and classic textiles and textures.

Decorate the cottage sofa with decorative cushions. Place a large pillow in each corner to anchor the couch, or line several small or medium pillows up along the back of it. Select all-white or navy and white striped pillows for a classic look. Pick red pillows featuring lobster or crab patterns and rope details around the edges to create a nautical style.

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Place a blanket over the back of the cottage sofa to add warmth and visual interest. Choose a white, cream or taupe-colored cashmere blanket to continue an elegant, refined look. Place a blanket over the top of the couch to add warmth and interest. Fold a large blanket in half before displaying it over the top of the couch.