How to paint the walls of baby nursery furniture sets

May 20th
Baby Nursery Furniture Sets
Baby Nursery Furniture Sets

By anticipating the arrival of a new baby, decorating for baby nursery furniture sets could be an exciting event. Nurseries are likely to reflect a particular theme that parents chose or just convey a calm environment for baby to rest. The colors vary widely from pastels to more modern classics brown or green. Some parents have ventured to paint murals on the walls, like clouds, trees, and scenes from fairy tales or other images. In any design you choose, remember that, basically, the nursery is a resting place for your child and so many patterns and colors can be distracting.


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How do

  1. Choose your paint color and the design model. Knowing what you would like on the walls before applying paint will really help you save time and money. Colors with a calming effect that helps babies sleep include light blues and greens. You can also choose specific colors of gender, as shades of pink or blue, or neutral, like yellow.
  2. Remove baby nursery furniture sets, toys and other nursery items. Thus, if the painting sneezes, it will not damage any part of baby furniture.
  3. Remove light switches and sockets. This prevents paint drops on them and allows you to spread the color more deeply along the wall.
  4. Sketch the design on the wall with a pencil. If you are drawing a design on the walls, use a pencil to sketch helps avoid errors that can occur if you paint without making a planning. To assist with some designs, can be used stencil. However, some people choose to do by hand.
  5. Shaping cover any wall or other area with baby nursery furniture sets if you do not want to paint.
  6. Place a tarp on the ground and add weights around the edges to hold it. The tarp keeps the floor clean carpet or wood. You can use paint cans as weights on canvas.
  7. Open the windows and doors of the room. Sufficient ventilation ensures that you and all employees remain safe. Pregnant women may need a mask or avoid doing the painting.
  8. Apply ink using a brush or a roller. For entire walls, a roll can leave the task easier. Intricate areas for instance murals or stripes should be painted with brushes in hand.
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9. Allow the walls to dry before removing the canvas and bring of baby nursery furniture sets inside.

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