How To Make Pendant Light Lampshade

Large Pendant Light

Creating your own pendant light lampshades is a convenient way to bring more color and light into a room. By using self-adhesive boards support, designing a lampshade uses any fabric you want. This is a great opportunity to coordinate lampshades with upholstery and curtains already in the room. Since steering support can be cut to fit all frames, you can give any old or new pendant a custom makeover.

Remove the outer fabric of the shadow gently from the wire frame of the pendant light lampshade. Remove all decorative covers from the shadow and lay it flat on the side. Lay your fabric out in front of you, with the outside of the fabric down, to make sure your fabric swatch is at least as big as your flat shadow. Lay the shadow across the glue guide and trace along the outer edge with an X-Acto knife to cut a steered shape in an identical shape to the original shadow. Remove excess steering wheel.

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Throw the old shadow and remove the coating from the glue board. Smooth the handle over your fabric to remove any wrinkles and attach one to the other. Cut around the boundaries of the handlebar, cut the fabric flush with the edge of the handlebar.  Grab the new custom shadow in a circular form, using the original lead frame as a shape of pendant light. Secure seams with a hot glue gun and secure the seams with clothes legs while the shadow dries.