How To Install An Outdoor Wood Stove A Kitchen

Outdoor Wood Stove Cost

Outdoor cooking helps keep the heat outside the house during the summer months. Integrating an outdoor wood stove a kitchen creates a pleasant environment and appropriate to prepare delicious dishes. Depending on the wood stove, you can cook directly over the fire or use it as part of the decor of the place. An open fire on cold nights extends the period that you can get socializing with your friends.


  1. Evaluate the available space to choose where the outdoor wood stove can be placed. Look for an area away from tickets to avoid injury to people. Position the stove in an area where it does not cause damage to nearby objects or counters. Ideally install it next to a counter and the next one to have access to water sink. Remember to position the stove according to wind patterns, thus preventing the smoke go towards the service area.
  2. Install a metal pipe to the chimney off the back of the stove. The barrel must be 90 cm higher than the top of the cooker so, the smoke will be above the breathable air.
  3. Check the floor under the outdoor wood stove. His weight requires a solid foundation, while the fire requires a floor of stone or heat proof. Lot a space to drain the material below the base of brick or stone. If your outdoor kitchen is on an area of ​​wood, you need to install steel plates and assemble a space with bricks to protect the wood. Install fireproof floor around the stove 45 cm in all directions.
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4. Create a roof above the outdoor wood stove to protect it from rain. Ensure that the space between the stove and the roof is large enough to separate the heat from the stove and the roof. Some ideas include a wooden pergola covered in plaster, a roof with tile flooring or pilaster cedar.