How to decorate a clear shower curtain garden style

May 27th
Clear Shower Curtain
Clear Shower Curtain

Clear shower curtain – At the end of a long day, your bathroom is where you can turn up problems with a hot shower or a bath foaming bath and relax. A toilet-themed garden can help achieve this peaceful feeling that you want. Even the ugliest of days, you can have the beauty of an outdoor garden right in your bathroom.
Wrap a wreath of ivy or flowers artificial around the clear shower curtain rod. You can find this item at any craft store and it costs just a few dollars. Buy enough for the size of the rod and tie at each end.
Place plants in the bathroom real or artificial. If you do not have a large bathroom, a vase of bamboo, fern clorofito or may be beautiful, without taking much space. Take care to place the plants in a place where they will not be knocked down or damaged.
Take pictures of flowers and place them on the walls. It’s easy to shoot, print or have printed and you can frame them in less than five minutes. Consider taking pictures of flowers from your own garden to add a special touch of personalization to your bathroom. If you do not have to photograph flowers, can take pictures of flowers from anywhere.
Paint the walls in a soothing pastel. A green or yellow light tone can help you relax and incorporate the vibration of a sunny garden. Light colors work with any garden decor item you put in the room.
Choose items color coordinates clear shower curtain. If you decide to paint the wall yellow light, use light yellow towels. If you do not like colored towels, white goes with any color that you paint the walls.
6. Place a garland of flowers or ivy. They look beautiful on the back of the bathroom door and can work well with any decor item that you have. Choose a garland for the door of the same type as the wreath with which you wrap the clear shower curtain rod.

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