How to convert a shower tub combo

May 11th
Shower Tub Combo
Shower Tub Combo

A great way to revitalize a bathroom in an old house is replacing the tub with a modern shower tub combo. This project takes a few days and quite legwork. Your shower will not be used, and then is programmed. In the end, the result is a modern shower that gives value and style to your home.


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  1. Turn off the water in the bathroom and start removing the tub, the shower door, the tap and the valve. Be careful not to pierce any water lines or electrical cables when doing tests. Use mask and gloves to protect from dust and debris. Remove all drywall around and above the bath. Clean area of ​​dirt, debris and dust. Place all waste in the trash dump.
  2. Make the frame of the new shower tub combo and shower stall. You may have to install new beams in place of the old. Check the level and condition of the beams. Fix when damaged can save you headaches in the future. The goal is to get a straight and strong wall.
  3. Install the new drain. Use one that is adjustable to be placed at the proper height where the floor is installed.
  4. Put the new pipelines shower valve. They can be made of copper lines or PEX pipe. Fit the new valve and shower tub combo head according to the instruction manual that came in the valve kit.
  5. Install floor. Certifque that the base is leveled. It usually fits the rafters with screws. Be careful not to break the glass flange that is on the floor when you’re screwing fiber. The drain is installed through the hole in the center. Attach the drain according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
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