How to Build Stone Cottages

Dec 3rd
Smart Stone Cottages
Smart Stone Cottages

Even old or partially demolished, the stone cottages have an attraction or singular charm, about which few can say that they do not notice it.  The enduring is given by the material and to a large extent the same conditions the shape of the house.  Combining the inert with the living and with diverse elements of nature, we can build unique, picturesque and even fascinating stone houses. The houses made of stone, and the use of stone in architecture of other structures, are of special interest in certain cultures where construction with natural materials is traditional, and also interested in contemporary architecture because natural materials are chosen because many of them are renewable, respecting the ecology.

How to build stone cottages with surrounding materials? To build a house with natural stone walls, some important precautions must be taken. The walls of irregular stones are usually thicker and heavier than those made with baked clay bricks, hollow ceramic bricks, or blocks of volcanic material. For the stone walls it is necessary to make concrete and steel chained 30 or 40 centimeters wide by the height that the construction resistance calculation establishes by the length of the beam between the shoe and the shoe.

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Building stone cottages, normal calculations establish that the height of the beam must be 10 centimeters high for each linear meter. As an example, it can be established that for a distance between footings of 5 meters, the beam has to be 50 centimeters high. The irons to be used in the construction of the beam must be 10 or 12 millimeters thick ribbed and the concrete must be of cement, sand and split stone.

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