How to Build Cottage Homes

Oct 21st
Tiny Cottage Homes
Tiny Cottage Homes

The basic procedure to build cottage homes, although of course this is not such a simple job so if you are thinking of carrying out a construction of such magnitude.  Although generally the cottage are built directly on the surface of the earth making a base of rock and logs, the most advisable is to dedicate time to the construction of the foundations. It would be good, as we do with modern buildings, to dig a foundation with the dimensions of the house and then fill it with rock and cement.

This will give our cottage homes a more solid base on which it can be placed firmly and safely. These foundations must be built under all the base walls of the construction and at the corner of each of them a wooden pole must be nailed so that, when mounting the walls, they have a good support to hold on to. Once we have made the foundations, then the next step will be to form the walls. For this we will use logs or logs, these can be bought in the market for very good prices.

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If you opt for the round trunks, then it is important that you reinforce the joints very well by making notches. In the corners, we will join the logs with nails and rivets, although it is also advisable to use a wire to reinforce the construction cottage homes. When forming the walls remember to leave room for openings. These should be placed once the walls are firm. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for placement.

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