How to build bed for kids loft beds low

Jul 8th
Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets For Girls
Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets For Girls

Kids loft beds – The favorite bed of a child is a low loft bed. One reason that parents build a low loft bed is storage space created by its height from the floor. Since some children’s rooms do not have enough storage space, low loft bed is perfect for portable storage units come under the bed. In addition to storage space, kids loft beds provide a place to expand their imagination. Hang sheets or other materials of the mattress to the floor, turns the space under the bed in a tent where children can play.


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  1. Put the two pieces of wood 2 x 12 x 83 inches (5.08 x 30.48 x 210.82 cm) on a desk, on their narrow edges as if they were side table’s mattress. Ensures a piece of 2 x 6 x 39 inches (15.24 x 99.06 x 5.08 cm) at each end and between the two side parts with hexagonal screws 3 inches (7.62 cm). Drill pilot holes with the drill and drill 1/4 inch (0.635 cm) and adjust the screws with a socket and ratchet.
  2. Put the pieces of wood 39 inches (99.06 cm) remaining (tablets) between the two installed in steps 1. Separate them by 4 and 3/16 inches (10.63 cm) and secure with screws 3 inches (7 62 cm) (drill pilot holes first). This is the assembly of the mattress.
  3. Then put the 4 pieces of wood 2 x 6 x 37 inches (15.24 x 93.98 x 5.08 cm) above the table work. Mark 12 (30.48 cm), 24 (60.96 cm) and 36 inches (91.44 cm) and draw a line using the top cross speed. These are the side members of the stairs that double as tables in the head and foot of the kids loft beds.
  4. Supports 6 pieces of wood 2 x 6 x 42 (5.08 x 15.24 x 106.68 cm) above the table work. Mark the four corners of each piece to one inch (2.54 cm) from the edges and drill pilot holes at each mark. These are the steps and secure them to the four parts of Step 3 in the next step.
  5. Put two of the side members of the stair step 3 in the table and work them apart by 42 inches (the 36-inch mark is the top of the ladder). Ensures piece 42 inches (106.68 cm) (steps) of step 4 in the underside of the lines 12 (30.48 cm) and 24 inches (60.96 cm). Secure them to each other with 2 hex bolts and 1/2 inch (6.35 cm).
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6. Repeat step 5 for the remaining two pieces of steps 3 and 4. These are the headboard and footboard of the bed and duplicate it as stairs to Kids loft beds. Drilling a pilot 1 (2.54 cm) and 10 inches (25.4 cm) hole from the top of the stairs and 1 inch (2.54 cm) from the edge too.

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