How to Build a PVC outdoor towel rack

Jun 29th
Outdoor Towel Racks By The Pool
Outdoor Towel Racks By The Pool

If you have an outdoor pool and want to install shelves to give yourself and your fellow swimmers can hang towels dry in outdoor towel rack, shelves should be approximately 48 inches (1.21 m) from the pool deck. This measure is applicable if the shelves are installed outdoors or in an enclosed natatorium. If you frequently have young swimmers coming to your pool, the shelves can remain at 48 inches (1.21 m) if the towels are long enough to be accessible to children.

Keep your towels dry pool, out of the way and accessible with a PVC outdoor towel rack that can build yourself. Just hang your towels on the sturdy rectangular stand to dry in the sun by the pool, or even in the garage and take it the next time you go swimming, allowing you to reuse the same towel for a few days and eliminating much of the extra clothing. Set aside some glue and make your towel foldable so you can store it during the winter.

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If you are determined to make an outdoor towel rack yourself. Use your own creativity and implement your own outdoor towel rack ideas by combining different ideas in this article.


  1. Cut 10 pieces of long PVC pipe of 15 cm to the side of the shelf above. Use a saw or handsaw to PVC to make it.
  2. Place a piece of pipe at each end of a connection and T fitting.
  3. Repeat the process for the other side of the top shelf.
  4. Cut four pieces of long PVC pipe about 1 meter, so that the bars are formed where the drying towels will be extended and will bind to both sides of the top shelf.
  5. Insert a piece of tube of 1 meter in each of the four legs of the T and snap connections. Then connect the ends of the pipe connections to the other side.
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