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Sep 20th
Who Invented The Electricity
Who Invented The Electricity

Sometimes, great ideas, those that change the history and direction of the world, are not the result of a single mind, but the ingenuity and creativity of several are involved such is the case of the incandescent lamp, Edison light bulb or focus, as you want call him. History books usually attribute this invention to Thomas Alva Edison (1880), who know of Science are clear that the American was not the only kinetic that concentrated its efforts on creating a functional lighting system, with a generator, cables and a light bulb of carbon filament.

In fact, in Britain, the invention of the electric Edison light bulb is attributed to Joseph Wilson Swan, who in 1875 patented an incandescent lamp of carbon filament and residual oxygen in the vacuum tube. This gas guaranteed that the bulb will glow for 13 hours. The main difference between one bulb and another is that Edison managed to create a total vacuum within it, providing 1,200 hours of life and ensuring its use on a large scale, not only in a laboratory.

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In addition, the Edison light bulb (stick to the official version and not enter into conflicts) laid the foundation for other scientific and technological developments. Of course, we should consider other versions of lamps, such as fluorescent and LED, but … have you considered how many devices you have at home or the office that include a bulb?

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