Easy Ways To Install Bricomania Emergency Light

Vintage Emergency Light

Emergency light – An emergency light is a practical solution in order to have a point of light in the home during times of blackouts. Therefore, below we will show you step by step how to install an emergency light. The first thing that we will have to do is cut the electric current, to avoid possible accidents. Next, we open the lid with a screwdriver and release the base of the lamp.

Present the piece on the wall, well leveled, about two meters above the ground, and mark the fixing points. With the drill in percussion position and a wide bit of the right diameter, we make the holes. Next, we introduce the plastic plugs. Present the screws, strip the cables and remove the strip. Next, we insert the colored ducts in their corresponding terminals and place the base in its position. Once we have tightened the screws, we mount the emergency light again.

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Now we only have to activate the current again and let the battery charge of emergency light for 24 hours. The luminaries have a small green warning light. To conserve the good state of the battery, it is convenient to make complete discharges every 10 weeks approximately. For that, we disconnected the current from that point of light and wait for the fluorescent lamp to turn off to reconnect it. From now on, in case of failure in normal lighting, we will have a margin of time to solve the problem.