Disadvantages Of Living In River Cottage

Perfect River Cottage

Limited access to health systems in river cottage. In cities is where most of the public services that are made available to citizens are. Therefore, if you reside in the field it is necessary to grab the car whenever you want to do some kind of management. It is not that there are not, but certainly the offer is lower. If you like to enjoy everything related to culture, the countryside is not your place. In the cities there are a good number of museums, cinemas, theaters, concerts and exhibitions, while unfortunately in the countryside there, so you will have to find other ways to spend your free time.

This point is directly linked to how far from the city your home is located. In general, finding work in the river cottage side or in small cities is harder than doing it in a city. In addition, the opportunities you will have to progress in the workplace are many less than you would have in a large city.

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Little Internet and telephone coverage live in river cottage. Although the Internet connection is in full expansion, there are still rural areas in our country that are without coverage and even without a telephone. For this reason it is important that you pay attention to these details before choosing a home outside the city.