Designing handicap showers for disabled

Jun 3rd
Handicap Showers
Handicap Showers

Designing handicap showers for Showers can present barriers for disabled users. A handicap showers space should contain adaptations for users in wheelchairs can use it independently. These adjustments do not involve major changes to a design of traditional shower. Considerations for the design include a disabled space, height and access devices, such as seats and safety bars.
Measure the space available for the handicap showers. Use real wheel chair to determine whether there is sufficient space to maneuver entry and exit thereof, transfer to a shower seat and remove the seat.
Make sure the shower floor is flat given ample drainage so that it is not slippery. Use a shower is not possible because the walls could block the entry of the chair. Incorporates a small ridge in the design that borders the entrance to the shower and hold water in the area. This is not necessary when the shower is in a proper “wet room”.
Create privacy for the user of the wheelchair into the shower. Install a curtain, a sliding door or a door that opens outward, leaving ample room for a chair to pass through it.
Put the operating controls of the handicap showers and components within the scope of the user. This includes shower head, faucets, soap tray and temperature controls. The user should be able to reach without stretching all components of your sitting position. For non-disabled users, you can install a separate higher bracket so you can move the shower head and shower with hands free.
Install a handicap showers with chair to a height that is easily transferred to and from the wheelchair. A folding seat is a good idea when space is limited.
6. Install safety bars at a height where they can be easily grasped by the user for support in case of a fall. The bars should be well positioned to help the user of the chair to be transferred to and from the shower seat.isabled

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