Decreasing The Electrical Sources With Translucent Concrete

Apr 26th
Translucent Concrete Usa
Translucent Concrete Usa

For those who intend to divide give the modern touch as the interior design of the house or the restaurant. The application the system namely translucent concrete will empower the modern and artistic terms. This product is made from the transparent fibers combined by the parallel system and the light will concentrate on the items shaping the color forms. Ideally, this item is made from the thickness material about 2 mm and allows the light runs through that.

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As the interior design, it can divide the rooms and the last decorations to laminate the tables. Starting from the divided rooms, it is not recommended to replace the function of the wall and the hardwood. Yet, you have to combine it. To exemplify is the Japanese door. In this example, you can combine the half wall and the half of translucent concrete. For the detail, it is identical with the door and it is also used the borders and the shadings to build translucent concrete.

Further, the laminating of the table uses translucent concrete means that you close the front appearance of the table which is linked by the table feet. Then, you can create the pictures effects such as the flowers, the starts, mood, and the figures on the surface. That is quite difficult because you need to create the pattern by make a hole with the sewing or nail. In this process, it is better that you draw the fiber with the chalk and then you can stab it continuously.

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As the last translucent form concrete, this technology also can be used as the accessories on the living room, the studying room, and the sleeping room. The system to concentrate the light will decrease the source of the light in your room. For translucent concrete as the supplements detail can be purchased only $ 46.00 on the online shop.

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