Creative And Ecofriendly Tree Trunk Coffee Table

Buy Tree Trunk Coffee Table

Decorating with wood tree trunk coffee table and dry branches is original, economical, creative and ecofriendly . And it looks good too. What else do you want? Every day we practice more recycling and DIY, giving new uses to old wooden boxes or wooden pallets and for a while now, we have begun to see how the trunks of trees and dry branches are used in interior decoration .

Trunks, branches, sticks, pineapples, tree barks … If you like to lose yourself in the countryside or you are lucky enough to have a garden and do pruning, you know … you can give a new life to all these elements. It is very common to recycle logs and use them as tables , especially in Mediterranean decoration . We can add some wheels to a large tree trunk coffee table and make it serve as a side table.

Or simply place it in the middle of the room as a centerpiece. For the decoration of rural houses , with some tools and a bit of skill, we can create a tree trunk coffee table to support the wall of the bedroom. And of course, as small tables and auxiliary furniture . Wood and white combine very well, so the use of furniture and wood logs, is a resource widely used in Nordic-inspired interiors .

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