Cottage Windows Design Ideas

Great Cottage Windows

If you plan to build your home, you have time to ask the architect to stop and think about the cottage windows. The design of windows in our house is not an easy task, we have to think about the security that they provide us, but also about the lighting and ventilation that they will bring to the interior of our home. In addition, we must take into account the way of opening: if open outward, inward; folding, projection or sliding to optimize the space.

To make the most of small cottage windows with a great view, build a bench with a very comfortable seat under it. Use it as your reading, meditation or resting area. Add significant decorative elements, some work that an artist friend gave you, some lamps that you built yourself, the cushions that an aunt made for you. The important thing is that you give him a personal imprint and that when you look abroad you feel renewed. Use the space under the bench to store magazines, seasonal sweaters or your memories, whether in baskets or decorated boxes that will complement the design.

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The wonderful thing about architecture and current engineering is that there are almost no limits to them. If your architect is bold and has the resources, will make the cottage windows have the shape you want. For example, runs horizontally through the roof structure and also allows the landscape to be seen vertically.