Cottage Lighting Style Ideas

Perfect Cottage Lighting

Do you want to install cottage lighting? The light is an important part of any decor also in the cottage. The very right light is both comfortable and useful. Get our expert’s best tips for lighting in your cottage. They work every day with cottage rentals, fittings and much more. Many of them have 10, 15 and 20 years of experience in the industry. Here they give their best advice to the lighting in the cottage. The material of the lamp is of great importance to the light – glass and light fabric screens allow the light to spread, for example, steel screens limit the lighting. For example, a glass screen illuminates the room twice as much as a screen in non-transparent material.

Think about the location of the lamp in the cottage lighting when choosing the type and material function rather than design. Several different light sources in each room make the room seem alive. It can be direct light, indirect light, spotlight, candles and so on. The mix of light sources also allows you to take into account the different activities you use the room.

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Consider the room’s natural cottage lighting. If the room is very bright with white walls and large windows, you might be pleased with a lamp that gives less light. Remember, however, always to consider how the natural light becomes as the sun sets. The light source is very important for how the light in a room works. In general, we recommend LED bulbs, as they are energy-saving and last for long.