Benefit Using Cork Flooring

Mar 2nd
Wicanders Cork Flooring
Wicanders Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring – Cork has many green features. Material obtained by removing most of the outer skin of the cork oak tree. The usual harvest or reciprocating harm the tree, and the bark grows back, which will be stripped of all nine years. Trees live for 200 years or more, and forests, and called Montados, which is highly valued and passed down through generations of family in the business of producing Flynn.

Even relatively simple processing cork flooring: cork or cut treated leaves, boiled and pressure. Collect scrap for reuse, so almost nothing is wasted.

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But for us in North America are trying to become more environmentally friendly, cork has a visible flaw: It comes from Europe. Forest Quercus Suber, and the type of oak, and one that produces cork, and grows in the Mediterranean region, especially in Portugal. Shipping fuel consumption cork adds potential energy in each cork flooring products. Although trees can grow well in California, it does not produce cork bark, perhaps subtle differences in the ecosystem.

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Delivery dilemma of distance, but because of the urgent need really to keep the cork oak forests against balanced. Nora Berrahmouni, Mediterranean forest management unit in the non-profit Environmental World Wildlife Federation (WWF), and said that the risk of cork forest ecosystems by increasing population growth and deforestation.

The loss of cork flooring derived from a global cork market downturn, explaining that the traditional wine corks replaced with aluminum peak screws and plastic plugs rely on petroleum. Reducing the demand for cork forest values decreased, so the sale once the earth is priceless of Cork Flooring options.

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