Beautiful Kitchens And Baths Of Becker Acroma

Kitchen And Bath Design

Beautiful kitchens and baths – Surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms to be very resistant to liquids (both water and oils), resist heat and moisture, and look good doing it.

From the rustic pine wood style to the creamy shaker-style, to a high gloss and bold fever; Becker Acroma has surface treatments that can provide all these looks.

The final result

Becker Acroma treatments creates beautiful kitchens and baths that can withstand children’s sticky fingers, withstand splashes and scratches from everyday life, and can be cleaned frequently without damage. Sprayers

Our treatments are especially suitable for different equipment to give the best results.

Our technical staff has extensive knowledge about all types of equipment, roller rollers, vacuum, curtain coaters, UV lines and of course spraying equipment.

In addition, Becker Acroma technical centers around the world equipped with these machines, we invite you to use for testing.

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Product Technology

All our surface systems for wood are environmentally compatible, and we offer all kinds of technology, including water-based, UV-curing, acid-curing and hybrid systems.

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